Soaps Final Report

Topics: Factor analysis, Human skin color, Principal component analysis Pages: 24 (4430 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Marketing Management – I
Project – II

Marketing Research
* Consumer Attitude towards Buying Bathing Soaps

Submitted by,
Group 1
* Shubham Goyal – DM14146

Table of Contents

Sample Profile:6
Brand Recall8
Purchasing Reasons10
Influence of promotional activities10
Place of Purchase11
Influence of Others12
Price Perception15
Quantity of Usage15
Reason of Shifting to other brands16
Factor Analysis20
Brand Preference24
Buying Intention of Consumers25
Regression Analysis28
Appendix A: Questionnaire31
APPENDIX B: Codebook37

The primary objective of the study is to understand the Consumer Attitude towards different Bathing Soaps. A questionnaire was prepared for the same and an online survey was done. We got responses from a sample size of 100 people out of which 40 were one to one surveys and the remaining 60 were online surveys.

A variety of attributes like shape of the soap, its colour, smell etc. were considered to understand the purchasing behaviour of the consumers. Apart from this other factors like Advertisement, brand etc. were taken to understand the thought process of the consumers when buying the product and to what extent these factors influenced their thoughts.

Regression Analysis was done to understand how the different factors affected the soap purchasing behaviour by analyzing the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. The dependent variable chosen is the quantity of usage of soap and the independent variables chosen included age, family income etc.

The data was then coded into metric form and it was fed into SPSS. The SPSS stands for statistical packages for social sciences and is a software used for data mining, text analytics and statistical analysis. Using the SPSS we were later able to understand the impact of different factors and attributes affecting the purchasing behaviour of the people towards the product.

As per the guidelines of the project, a market research was to be done in order to understand the consumer behaviour towards buying of soaps by collecting primary data from external sources. Questionnaire was drafted to understand the consumer behaviour towards buying soaps. The questions were built to understand on how the brand takes into account the customer values, the cultural factors, social factors, personal factors, psychological factors and the various other attributes that influence the customer’s decision making like price, packaging etc. The questionnaire contained a series of open ended, direct, structured and dichotomous questions covering various aspects of buying behaviour. The questionnaire was aimed at knowing the factors that make the people buy the brand they do buy and what makes them loyal to the brand. The survey was conducted online. The data collected from all the respondents were consolidated and grouped according to various parameters. By performing suitable analysis, we plotted graphs to identify dominant factors and preferences. We ascertained key attributes that influenced consumer’s buying intention. Based on the inferences from the data analysis, we came up with a few findings that explain the consumer buying behaviour. The results pertain only to survey of 100 consumers of soaps and need not be true representative of a market of soap industry as a whole.


* To find out Consumer Behaviour i.e. consumer attitude towards buying Bathing Soaps.

* To verify our stated Null Hypothesis

Sample Profile:
Around 100 people responded to our survey. The following are the details of the sample profile. S. No| Monthly Income| Count| Percentage|
1| Rs. 10000 – Rs. 25000| 21| 20.79%|
2| Rs. 25000 – Rs. 50000| 48| 48.51%|
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