Soap Making

Topics: Liquid, Essential oil, Saponification Pages: 3 (411 words) Published: January 28, 2008
----------Significance of the PROJECT------

We chose a recipe that would be very easy for beginners. The productivity--achieving the quantity and quality while making a wide array

of options in soap making. The main idea of our study is try to come up with

the other ways on how to help out the conditions of poverty in our country,

this study might give them a chance on how to be more productive or maybe

inventive, be more efficient, and provide information on how to use some of our

natural resources or cheaper ingrdients that can be easily found in the market

or maybe in their backyard.

This investigatory report will give them informations merely increase their

desire for gaining additional personal income. We would also wants to reduce

waste of our resources and have more goods and services, and soon this kind of

business or hobby could provide new job opportuniies. Since each of us has our

own wants why we would like to develope our own product Whether you are making

it for yourself or as a gift or maybe as a business.

----------------------Staement OF te Problem----------

There is a problem, though, Making soap is complicated process and some might

be reallt dificult if we don't know what we are doing. Some soap offered in the

market today has allegic reaction to some skin types, some can be easily melted

out. Add to that the use of lye, a cautic chemical, and you can even have the

potential for dangerous situation to arise.

with the uses of essential oils, the soap emulsified and chemically recated

with the oil to hydrolize it so that it would wash up. This is what they call

saponification reaction a root word for soap. Basically what happen is that the

soap recated chemically with some of the part of the oil to make it water

soluble, it also reacted to some parts of the oil to make it emulsified or

broken into very samll droplets so that the oil can be easily...
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