Soap and Lifebuoy

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Lifebuoy soap is a very old brand of bath soap in India, Life Buoy is an anti bacterial soap and in the beginning it positioned itself on its antibacterial qualities, lifebuoy gained a number of customers with this positioning, but then there comes the competition with the Dettol soap..

All this put Lifebuoy out of lime light and to survive in market, Lifebuoy positioned itself on price it became low price antibacterial soap. This strategy may have boosted short term sales of Lifebuoy but it lost its brand value and credibility in the minds of customers. Lifebuoy needed to reposition itself on quality rather than price.


The repositioning campaign of Lifebuoy was started at 2008, but it became moreprominent and became effective in 2009, Lifebuoy along with the advertisementhas improved its quality and fragrance, most of the people had shifted fromlifebuoy because it was low quality and it smelled terribly, as Lifebuoy hasimproved its quality all it needed to run an effective advertisement campaign toget the customers attention. The advertisement team of Lifebuoy came up withexcellent theme “Healthy Hoga Hindustan” and it is targeting parents which istheir target market, Lifebuoy made very effective ad and it also used fearstrategy (which is effective in case of antibacterial soap). This has enabledLifebuoy to get more and more customers. Now a days, Lifebuoy is everywherein Television, Radio, Newspapers and Billboards, Lifebuoy is running a hugecampaign to promote itself which is very necessary in case of repositioning thebrand

With the help of marketing department and advertisement, Lifebuoy has successfullyrepositioned itself as a quality antibacterial soap with better fragrance and moredurability. Many companies try to reposition themselves when they see markettrend shifting but most fail to do so. In case of Lifebuoy it has been successful.The interesting thing about this campaign is that Lifebuoy is running the samecampaign in Pakistan and in India as is done by Unilever, this suggest that Lifebuoy is considering India and Pakistan as the similar market segment.

Lifebuoy went through several changes and incarnations throughout the brand's history. Awhiteversion of the soap was introduced in 1962 and contained a light perfume scent. Pink and aquaversions were released soon after.

The original Lifebuoy soap was manufactured in the UK until 1987 when the production anddistribution was halted. The brand was shortly taken over by Unilever and is still in production today.Due to regulations put forth by the European Union, the soap can no longer contain carbolic becauseit is potentially toxic and linked to skin irritation and respiratory tract problems with prolongedexposure.Thesubstanceisalso considered a possible carcinogen.

Lifebuoy soap is still the leadingbrand of soap in several countries worldwide, specificallyin IndiaandpartsofSouthernAsia.Unilever produces a wide range of products under the Lifebuoy umbrella such as body wash, liquidsoaps and acne-fighting solutions.


Today, the Lifebuoy brand is more than the quintessential bar of red soap, and provides hygiene and health for the entire family through a range of products like liquid hand wash and specially designed body wash. Beyond ensuring daily hygiene and freshness, Lifebuoy products also address special needs like anti-acne and skin fortification for an all around cleansing experience. Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer effectively disrupts bacteria’s cell membrane & virus’s outer coatthereby kills germs & viruses on your hands. Proven to kill H1N1 virus Dries quickly, is non-sticky and has soothing fragrance.Has Moisturizer and Vitamin E to keep your hands soft andsmooth. Bar Soap

Lifebuoy bar soaps support children’s health and growth by providing extendedgerm protection for up to 12 hours...
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