So You Think You Want a Monkey?

Topics: Primate, Monkey, Human Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: February 15, 2011
So You Think You Want A Monkey?

If you are thinking that you want a monkey as a pet, this essay was written for you. The ever-growing exotic animal trade has expanded to include many different species of primates and people who purchase these animals thinking that they are going to make a wonderful addition to the household are in for a rude awakening. I for one do not endorse keeping any wild animal as a pet, ESPECIALLY a monkey. Furthermore, taking a wild primate into your household, is a serious commitment and should not be taken lightly. Never fail to remember that a monkey is a feral creature. Depriving a monkey of a customary relationship with animals of his or her own species will only lead to a life of neurotic actions. Monkeys need approximately endless stimulation to keep them healthy. Ask yourself if you are ready to have a brute that can annihilate your domicile and everything in it. A monkey cannot be educated to revere your possessions. They have not been domesticated for centuries to be gentle and easily trained by humans like a dog or cat. So if you can stand the thought of cleaning up urine and feces 365 days a year, then a monkey is the pet for you. Once a monkey attains sexual maturity you will embark on a journey that will slowly begin to reveal their individual personality. What formerly was your toddler is now a full-fledged adult that has no vacillation to assail its caregiver and to engage in normal primate behavior such as aggressive acts, genital displays, masturbation, and copulation. If you choose to give your beloved pet up, where will he or she go? Zoos are always getting calls from people that want to donate their animals. Zoos almost never take ex-pets for exhibit animals for the following reasons: 1) Animals that are kept as pets haven't learned to socialize with the members of their own species 2) It is a long and difficult process for a zoo to introduce a monkey to an established group, especially one that hasn't learned...
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