Snows of Kilimanjaro

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Rameez LunaSnows of Kilimanjaro
Ernest Hemingway

In this story, Ernest Hemingway demonstrates a main theme of dealing with death with courage. This is shown from the very beginning when Harry demonstrates to us that death is painless. In the very beginning it starts off with the quote, "The marvellous thing is that it's painless," "That's how you know when it starts." Here Harry is talking about death. He shows us that he starts off thinking that death is something that can be fought without pain. However, later on the story starts to show us how man will react when death is about to hit them. From the reading we can assume that before the face of death man starts to reflect back to events that happened in their lifetime. Also, right before death we start to have flashbacks of what happened, and start to regret some of the things that have occured. This is specifically shown through Harry. Before Harry was going to die from the infection on his leg, he reflected about the fact that he married a woman whom he didn't even really love. Helen- Harry's wife says, "Don't you love me?" Harry replies with, "No. I don't think I never have." (Page 55). The story also then talks about how Harry wasted his life and talents for luxury. This occured because he married a woman for wealth, who he didn't even really love. Lastly, before dying Harry talks about how he wish he didnt procrastinate so much, because due to his procrastination he didn't have the chance to write about everything that he wanted to. He talked about how he didn't make every day count and how he regrets it. In the end, the mountin of Kilimanjaro is a huge symbol represented in the story. The mountain is a symbol of death because since it is so high up, it reminds Harry that he is closer to heavan. Therefore, reminding him of his flashbacks before he dies. Through his actions Harry is showing us how in the end before we face death, we reflect back on our lives, and at this point there is no...
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