Snowboarding Subculture

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Part 3

Some statuses within snowboarding are Professional, Amateur, and Recreational snowboarders. Another status involved with snowboarding could be, a snowboarding instructor, or a ski lift operator (Mathews 2). People are socialized into snowboarding by hanging around their friends at their local hill, and by reading magazines, viewing websites, and watching snowboarding on television.

The two most important agents of socialization are, as stated before, peers and the media. Your peers around you, especially more experienced ones, show you what is proper for a snowboarder to do, and what isn’t proper. If you see a friend’s older brother, who has been snowboarding a lot longer than you have do something, you’re going to try and emulate it. Media plays a large role in the socialization of snowboarders as well. Three main snowboarding websites/magazines are Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboardmag, and Snowboardermag. Many people interested in snowboarding visit these sights, and read the magazines to catch up on videos, photos, and interviews of their favorite pros. There are also more mainstream outlets through which snowboarding is portrayed. Half-pipe snowboarding is often shown on the X-games, and in The Olympics. There has been a major push in recent years to add a “slopestyle” event to the Olympics. Slopestyle is a term used to describe freestyle snowboarders doing tricks on terrain like jumps (which riders do flips and spins off of) and rails (which riders jump onto and slide down in various ways) (Howard 1). There has been a push for this, because they majority of people who freestyle snowboard are more interested in slopestyle instead of half-pipe snowboarding. Half-pipe snowboarding was much more popular amongst the majority of snowboarders in the 90s and early 00s, snowboarding has since progressed to include many other, more popular forms of freestyle tricks(Howard 2).

Some major rights of passage in snowboarding include, being able to ride...
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