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Snowboarding vs. Longboarding

There are many similarities and differences when you compare and contrast snowboarding and longboarding. Since I enjoy doing both I've come to find that there are a lot of similarities but a little more things that are different.

One way that the two are different is that when you snowboard your feet are strapped into the board as opposed to the longboard where you just simply stand on the board exactly like a skateboard. Having your feet strapped into the board makes it easier to twist in the air and do tricks after hitting a jump. Longboards aren't made to do tricks and hit jumps, but just to ride down steep hills at high speeds. Another obvious difference is snowboards are used on the mountain in the snow and longboards are used on the streets and sidewalks.

These two also have a few things in common. One thing that is the same is that the technique used to ride down a hill is exactly the same. Meaning the way you shift your weight from your front foot to your back foot is when riding is almost identical. Another thing is that when you are speeding down the hill you do something that is called "carving". Carving is when you put your weight on your heels and the shift your weight to your toes, making what looks like an "S" all the way down the hill.

A couple more differences are that when you go to ride a snowboard you need special boots and special pants. Longboards only require street shoes and whatever you happen to be wearing on that day. Also, snowboarding is a very expensive sport because you have to purchase a lift ticket to get you up to the top of the mountain. When longboarding a car ride to the top of the hill is free, besides the gas you pay for to keep your car running. The most important similarity is that they are both fun and exhilarating.

These are just some ways that these two board sports are the same yet different. If you are good at balancing and you enjoy the high speeds I highly suggest...
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