Snowball Speech

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Windmill Speech
Here I am, Comrades, standing in front of you on this fine Sunday morning rested and relaxed while you are all tired and worn out. And why is that, Comrades? It’s because you work Monday all the way through Saturday from dawn to dusk doing miserable, laborious, and backbreaking work. But the pigs, oh the pigs, they don’t work. They sit around and watch you and tell you what to do, but they never work. In fact, they don’t do anything except boss us all around and tell us lies about what they are actually doing. Remember the 7 commandments? The one that says we are all supposed to be equal? Well right now, that isn’t happening because Napoleon and the other pigs are bettering their education, telling you lies so you will believe anything they say, they have even stopped letting you help make decisions about the farm. Does that seem like equality to you? I apologize for being a part of that once. I have seen the error in my ways and I am here to make it up to you, with the windmill. If we build the windmill, you will have to work only 3 days a week, maybe even less, and the work you do will be the easiest work you can imagine. The rest of the time you can spend relaxing or improving your education. With the windmill, the farm will be industrialized, meaning we will be able to have machines that can do most of the work for us. You will be able to have warmth and light in the stalls all year round. This will take some time to build, Comrades, maybe a year, maybe two. But believe me, an industrialized farm, electricity and warmth for the stalls, and only 3 days of work and time to improve your education is worth it. Do you like all the hard work you do each day, Comrades? Are you tired of being tired at the end of each day? I know I would be. It’s not fair to you to work day after day from dawn to dusk doing all the tedious work that you do. But, if we build the windmill we can bring electricity to the farm and build machines to do all the work for us....
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