Snow White Gender Roles

Topics: Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Woman Pages: 4 (1537 words) Published: April 1, 2012
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Jekeithia K. Johnson
Professor Capers
College Comp II
February 8, 2012
Snow White Gender Roles
The story of Snow White begins as all other fairy tales. The lovely queen bares a beautiful little girl but doesn’t get the chance to see her grow up. Snow Whites father remarried a beautiful woman and she just knew she was the most beautiful woman ever. Snow White became older and her beauty began to show more and more as the days went by, more beauty then the queen had. Of course the queen became very upset with this and ordered that Snow White was killed so that she can take back her place as the prettiest in the land. The hunter found Snow White in the woods but he couldn’t kill her. He told her to run away and to never come back home and gave the queen a pig’s heart instead. Snow mad her way to a little cottage and stayed there until the queen found out what happened she found her and poisoned her. End the end the queen died and Snow was saved by her prince and rode off into the sunset. Now in this story there are many males’ roles and only two females and they have many roles they each portray in a fairy-tale. Snow White’s gender roles included; the evil queen, the hero, and the damsel in distress.

The queen is usually mean throughout the entire story, but in this one she wasn’t always this way. When snow white was little the queen was a somewhat nice/decent person until she
Johnson pg.2
realized her step daughter looked better than her. Now in reality this is possible maybe not in the since of the step mother killing the child but getting rid of them. They more envy she gives off the more disturbing she becomes because she is no longer focused on her on wellbeing but hurting someone else. Sometimes females get so carried up with what other girls are doing trying to make them look bad but they forget all about taking care of themselves. The queen thought that killing snow white would make her life easier...
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