Snow White

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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For my paper I chose the fairy tale movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which is a remake for the so claimed to be European fairy tale in origin. In the movie, snow white whose beauty threatens her life survives several assassination attempts of her stepmother whose mirror clams that Snow White’s beauty exceeds the stepmother’s. In the end, Snow White is saved by a kiss from a prince. Ironically, almost none of that completely matches the original story. In fact, it is assumed that in the original story Snow White is actually raped by Prince. That of course is highly controversial because logically it wouldn’t have been considered kids fairytale.

The fact that the stepmother tries to murder Snow White is, in my opinion, the first problem in the movie because it would teach children nothing but hatred, jealousy and aggression in solving their problems.

Snow White is a typical Disney character. She is young, white, slim, and tall. Her actions show innocence which, as we have learned before, is one of the traits with which females are depicted in media. Snow White’s physical look qualified her to be the good side of the story. The dark side, however, is depicted by the stepmother who is seen in some parts as an old, ugly woman dressed in black clothes and is relatively shorter than snow white.

Being white, slim and tall are not the only stereotypes of Snow White. She is also sort of obsessed with cleaning, fixing food, and doing home chores, which is, again, another trait of the four traits: the femme fatale, the supermom, the sex kitten, and the nasty corporate climber. In this case, Snow White could be considered as a supermom although she is not an actual mom. But we can still consider the dwarfs as her children. The only thing that differentiates Snow White from many other Disney female characters is her reaction to a tragedy or a problem. Unlike other characters how would cry and while lying on their beds, Snow White prefer singing in order to forget...
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