Snow Falling on Cedars Quotations

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  • Published : December 1, 2005
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13His figure, especially the neck and shoulders, communicated the impression of irrefutable physical strength and of precise, imperial bearing.This quote shows the physical strength and shape of the accused man, Kabuo Miyamoto. It also symbolises that Miyamoto is not afraid of what is happening to him. 14The men – two truck farmers, a retired crabber … were all dressed in coats and necktiesThis shows the importance of this case towards the town. Ordinary people dressed in their Sunday clothes were to be present at the trial. 15There was no window anywhere in his cell, no portal in which the autumn light could come to him.This shows that all the townspeople have no doubt that Miyamoto committed the crime. Even though he has not been convicted yet, he is already put behind bars for months. 15The snowfall, which he witnessed out of the corners of his eye … struck him as infinitely beautifulKabuo has not seen the light of day in seventy-seven days and is amazed that he has completely missed autumn. Seeing nature outside after such a long time of staring at walls was soothing for him. 210Gave him the authority of the conscientious man, for which there was ultimately no substituteThis quote shows that there is no better witness than a conscientious man who uses his judgement. Art Moran used his judgment to help solve the mystery of Heine's demise. 211As if he had dressed for a costume party and now wandered about in the disguiseThis shows that Art Moran is not content with his occupation; he had never really wanted to become the man he has become. 219The bone had fractured…Art Moran turned away from it.This shows Moran's uneasiness in the presence of the deceased and further reveals that he is uncomfortable with his job. 321He paused and for a moment … until the arteries in his temples pulsed visibly.Nels Gudmundsson is suffering from many diseases including neurasthenia, yet he persists to offer his services as a lawyer. This shows the man's perseverance and willpower to enforce justice. 322Until nine…or thereabouts? Nine?Nels wants precise facts about what has happened to ensure that the right verdict is attributed. He wants the minutest details to be uncovered; this exactness of detail is a good quality for a lawyer to have. 327With a slowness that embarrassed him … he made his way back to the defendant's table.This paragraphs reveals that Nels is ashamed of his condition, for in the past he had not had these problems. He feels that his slowness is a sign of his aging. It also reveals that he does not give up. 428He turned to observe the silent sweep of the snowfall … then rose in his black robe.Once again the snowfall is portrayed as a sign of beauty through the dark times that are plaguing the town of San Piedro. The aging judge looks to the snowfall in order to clear his mind. 438There were, on occasion, shouting matches at sea, but far more often a man was alone all night had no one, even, to argue with.This shows the loneliness of the fishermen when they are at sea; they are rarely accompanied by another. This also reminds that Carl Heine most probably died amiss his loneliness at sea. ChapterPageQuoteMeaning

439In short, they were lonely men and products of geography – island men who on occasion realized that they wished to speak but couldn't.This shows once again the loneliness of the fishermen. Had it not been for the island itself, then the fishermen would be able to speak, to involve themselves better into society, but in their present situation they can not speak for they are alone. 554Darkness was there, There'd been the darkness of the war in Carl Heine, as there was in Horace himselfThis shows that war has no actual "winner" through the mention of the imprints of darkness that were left in Carl and Horace's memories. The war has left its mark on all who have experienced him. 555-56It was precisely the sort of lethal impression Horace had...
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