Snow and Snowflake Lands

Topics: Snow, Snowflake, Sun Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Snowflakes are unique. Not one the same as another. Just like fingerprints, just like you and just like me. Snowflakes fall down, drift lazily from the sky, special. Nothing the same, all different, and then it lands. It may land on the backyard of a family. The child will run out and build a snowman, go sledding, or have a snowball fight. Or maybe it will land on a road, to be plowed off to the side of the road. Or the snowflake might land on a child’s tongue, melting instantly. Once the snowflake lands, no one remembers that it is unique, not the same as any other snowflake. That mound of snow off to the side of the road, filled with billions of little snowflakes, each different. Every snowflake is diverse, none being the same.

Once a snowflake has melted, there will never be that exact same snowflake again. No duplicate snowflake will fall from the sky for the rest of eternity. The snow that falls on a sleepy town overnight is fun and beautiful, but it is also magical and special. The snow that blankets a town is not the same as the snow the covers any other town.

The snowflake falls from the sky, drifting down to a world of hustle and bustle, slowly falling, in no hurry, to a world that does not appreciate the beauty of the snowflake. Slowly, steadily, softly falling down, unique in every way, just like a fingerprint, just like you and me.
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