Sneak Peak into the Egyptian Culture

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The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in the north-eastern corner of Africa and south-western Asia. It is bounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by Palestine and Israel, on the south by Sudan, and on the west by Libya. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. Population amounts to 76,117,421.

The Egyptian community
The Egyptian community is one of the most deep-rooted communities all over the world; due to the fact that the ancient Egyptian practiced agriculture 5000 years ago, they believed in the necessity of achieving cooperation among members of the community. So, they established a central government to regulate matters among them. On the other hand, the geographical position of Egypt helped the Egyptians to be in constant contact with the East and the West, the North and the South, a matter that helped them acquire a lot of experiences and cultures. Hence, the Egyptian community serves as a melting pot for all cultures and civilizations, yet the Egyptians maintained their habits and traditions as well as their social and cultural characteristics. The Egyptian community, however, reflects a series of values and principles derived from various religions. Religion is the main source of the cultural and intellectual heritage of the Egyptian people. In modern times, health care, youth and children care, the role of Non-Governmental Organizations and civil society institutions affect the nature of the Egyptian community in regards to its modern and renewed dimensions.

Language in Egypt

Jews avoided intermarriage with other groups in recent centuries, but they also speak Egyptian Arabic language as everyone else. The Berbers, who lives in the west (Siwa oasis, the oases west of the Nile and along the coast west of Alexandria), speak Arabic. However, Berber language is still strong in Siwa. Most Nubians in the south speak Arabic and they follow Arabic culture. They even consider themselves mainly as Arabs, even if they racially are not. A large minority of them speak the Nubian language.

Economy in Egypt

Private sectors developed in Egypt after implementation of macro economic reforms in 1980s and 1990s. The value of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country was estimated at $82,427 million in the year 2003. The economy had registered a real GDP growth rate of 4.1% in the year 2004. The tourism industry of the country has increased very fast with the international tourist arrivals reaching 7.5 millions in the year 2004. The WTO vision 2020 has clearly stated that Egypt would be the largest tourist receiving country in the African Continent.

Society and Culture [pic][pic]
Christianity appeared in Egypt along with the Byzantine rule. Later chritianity was limited by the Islam after invasion of Arabs. Arabs brought with them the Sunni form of Islam and from till then Islam is the official religion of Egypt. 90% of its total population profess Islam. The remaining 10% are the followers of Christianity, Judaism or are the non-followers. Worship of the ancient Egyptian gods disappeared completely. Islam in Egypt is a complex and diverse religion. However Christians are mainly Coptic Orthodox.The Jewish community has just around 200 persons residing in Egypt.

The role of the natal family. Women, upon marriage, move to the house of their husbands, but they remain members of their natal families. They retain their fathers' family names after marriage. In case of divorce or widowhood, They are expected to move back to their natal home. Men have to bear the financial responsibility of caring for all single women in their families, even if these women have been previously married. These relationships with both female and male members of the immediate family remain the strongest links in women's lives. The role...
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