Snapshot: Adult Development and Life Assessment

Topics: Cooking, Kohlberg's stages of moral development, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: July 19, 2010
PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment

When I decided to continue my education at the age of 28, I was still unsure as to how I wanted to use my education to better the life of my children and me. In this paper, I will take you on the short journey of my life along the paths that lead me to the place I am at now. While on this journey I will incorporate some of the theories from the Adult Development reading guide.

I was born in Savannah, Georgia, on August 10, 1977. My father was enlisted in the United States Army, and ended up retiring in Hawaii when I was a year old. After retiring from the Army my father became a full time pastor of the church he founded, thus making my mother the First Lady. With this being said I can say I have never celebrated Halloween and I do not allow my children to do so either. This reaction to this holiday reminds me a lot of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Reasoning, specifically preconventional reasoning. “Preconventional morality in Kohlberg’s theory, the level of moral reasoning in which judgments are based on authorities outside the self (Boyd and Bee 2006, p. 43) .

My father enrolled me into a Christian private school when I was in the sixth grade, and because of the work load they gave us, I said I would never attend college because it was too much work. I would not label myself as a solitary adolescent, who did not care much for school, but rather one who did not care so much for all the work it required. I began to use silliness as an excuse to have fun in school, developing the title of class clown.

After graduating from high school my first career choice was to be a cosmetologist that owned my own shop with a daycare center attached so that the mothers could get their hair done and not have to worry about who would watch their children for them. I went on to study early childhood education at Ashworth University, but I settled on culinary as my career. In 1999, I married a service man. We...
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