Snapple Case Study

Topics: Graphic design, Brand, Wendy Kaufman Pages: 4 (994 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Matthew Crawford
Professor Tong
MKTG 129 Section 01
Brief Case Study

Case Study # 3: Snapple

I. Diagnostic symptoms
The most critical and diagnostic facts in this case primarily revolve around Snapple’s overall image as perceived by consumers. The image is what built this brand into a success and later pushed it into decline.

Five most diagnostic/alarming symptoms:
1. Mismanagement of established image. (Deighton, 2003:5). • Quaker intended on making the Snapple brand into big business in a short amount of time much like it did with the Gatorade brand. • A major issue of this was customers perceiving Snapple as being “sold out” which is a major hit to the image of a company in a more specialized market. • Other problems arose due to the general use of the product. Gatorade is consumed in higher quantities and is associated with rehydration during and after physical activity; Snapple did not have this same appeal. Lifestyle product versus fashion product. 2. Termination of key spokespeople. (Deighton, 2003:6,16,17). • To avoid the downfalls of being associated with controversial figures in the media Quaker quickly dropped sponsorships for both the Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh radio shows. This move may have lost many consumers as a daily reminder for a drink is a great way to ensure continual usage. Also Howard Stern referred to the formal sponsor as “crapple” for several months which is instant image jab. • Wendy Kaufman also known as the “Snapple Lady” was also let go furthering the hit to the “quirky” image aspect. 3. Unorganized distribution system (Deighton, 2003:6).

• Quaker failed at attempts to negotiate with the already established Snapple distributors and lost out on their attempts to distribute Snapple and Gatorade together. This move also had to have an affect on their relationships with distributors and how they pushed the brand. • The inability to ship and stock the new size offerings also...
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