Snapple Case

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Iced tea Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Snapple has been a well-known beverage since 1972 and experienced its highest revenues during the 1987-1993 years before several years of sharp declines.  The concept of transforming Snapple’s brand image to resemble that of Gatorade was a great failure on behalf of Quaker.  While Quaker had the appropriate operative environment to increase Snapple sales exponentially, it lacked an understanding of client needs, confused Snapple’s brand image, and had an undefined marketing strategy.  This resulted in loss of market share, revenue and most importantly customer loyalty.   This report will analyze the marketing decisions, suggest solutions and provide a recommendation on how to restore Snapple’s brand image and improve profits. When considering consumer behavior, perception is more important than reality (1).  Currently, Snapple is perceived to be a “fashion water,” where desirability can greatly fluctuate based on social competition and ever-changing fads. To reverse Snapple’s declining trend, Triarc must revitalize Snapple as an established brand first by understanding the original source of brand equity (2).  While Snapple drinkers enjoy “sweet things,” they do not desire pure juice.  Therefore, maintaining an authentic yet fun perception is an extreme priority.  One potential solution for Snapple is to shift from the fruit juice sector to becoming a staple in the iced tea sector.  This can be achieved through launching a new line of iced tea beverages that focuses on “real” ingredients.  This transition and brand promise will enable Snapple to create a niche relative to other established brands that produce sodas and sports drinks, while also strengthening the perception of Snapple as the alternative beverage choice.

Promotion is one the four marketing mixes (which has since evolved to programs) and represents the firm’s consumer-directed activities (3).  To reconnect with the target market, Snapple must emulate its prior success and introduce a new...
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