Snap Judgements

Topics: Judgment, Choice, Concepts in aesthetics Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: November 18, 2010

We make snap judgments everyday whether we know it or not. It all depends on if you realize it or not. These snap judgments might get us into situation we never think we would get into before. Everyone needs to be aware of what he or she say and act before they know the whole story. I know I make snap judgments everyday, depends on if I meant to do it or not. I have been in a few situations where my snap judgment has got me in trouble.

I had to make a snap judgment when I was up north, whether to lock all my stuff in my friend’s room. He rooms with 4 other guys, there is 5 guys in this apartment my friend and I stayed in for a weekend. We weren’t sure about them, 3 of them were black. We thought the best thing to do is lock up our stuff just in case. We didn’t know them so we didn’t want our stuff stole. Our snap judgment, we thought was a great idea at first but then we realized that the boys wouldn’t steal from us. Just because some blacks steal doesn’t mean that all blacks do. I think we could have avoided this judgment by getting to know them first, then deciding.

I know there is many ways to avoid making snap judgments. I just have to get to know the person before I think I know them. If you have a feeling about something, you should do some investigating first to make sure you don’t stereotype (Interplay pg. 123) people. We need to avoid making judgments towards to people. If we keep running into this problem there is going to be a lot of conflicts in the future. People might make you seem like the bad person. Others might not want to be your friend, if you sit there and judge people, before getting to know them. You may also judge someone that could be a great friend to you, but you will never know because you didn’t give him or her a chance. Also when you fight with someone and stereotype them, the argument will turn for the worse and you may lose someone important to you.

I had an argument with my best friend one time and I told her...
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