Snack Proposal

Topics: Vegetable, Nutrition, Implementation Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: September 3, 2012
A Brother and Sister Inc. would like to submit the following proposal for providing healthy snacks stands in your middle school 4010 6th Street Mascoutah, IL. We are currently serving 3 other schools in the local area with healthy fruit and vegetable juice bars. We are also serving in many malls and shopping centers in for many years, implementing our large scale stands and stores. Proposed Approach and work plan

* Approach
Set up portable juice bars on school campuses offering healthy fruit and vegetable drinks along with healthy snacks. Provide a detailed dietary analysis of all products sold
Establish a nutritional advisory board composed of parents, students and at least one certified health professional. Provide job training opportunities for students.
* Work Plan
* Training and Testing
A. We will provide one full time manager to oversee all operations for each of the 4 strategically placed Juice/Snack Centers. B. Work with you and your staff during installation and implementation to help you gain a general understanding of the system C. Train in the areas of transaction entry and posting, monthly and year-end reporting procedures, monthly and year-end closing, and periodic back-up procedures to new student employees. D. Hours of operations will be 6 am – 10pm.

E. Support the local farmers and specialty food preparers by buying locally and giving these vendors the opportunity to test-market new products. *
* Qualifications
* A Brother and Sister has been providing professional quality products for over a decade. We have been running espresso and juice stands in malls and on street corners in 3 major cities in the mid-west. We have used the local farmers for all of the freshest fruit and vegetables.

Software cost and fee estimates are summarized at initial briefing. These fees are effective provided that all of the accounting records are in good order. We will offer 30 percent of all of...
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