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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Strategic planning, Management Pages: 10 (2626 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1
MB0038 –Management Process and Organizational Behaviour - 4 Credits (Book ID:B1621)
Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks)

Name: Amit Kumar Mishra

Roll No. 1208012032

Q1. Explain strategy as an organizational process.

Answer –

Strategy is concerned with deciding the nature, domain and scope of an organisation‘s activities (essentially, what it is like, its values, the areas it covers and the direction it is going in), and the way its success will be evaluated. The pattern of activities in strategy arises from the acquisition, allocation and commitment of a set of resources and capabilities by the organisation, in an effective match with the challenges of its environment, and from the management of the network of relationships with and between stakeholders.

Strategic planning is vital to ensure that your organisation follows the most effective course towards its mission. Animal protection societies are bombarded with an increasingly wide and complex set of demands, and can easily become reduced to reactive ‗fire-fighting‘ organisations. This invariable slows down progress towards mission.

What Constitutes a Strategy?

Strategy can combine some or all of the below factors: -

Vision- A realistic, credible, attractive future for your organization,

Mission Statement - A declaration of an organization‘s purpose;

Core Values - Organisation (Core) Values are enduring beliefs that your organisation, and the people who inhabit it, hold in common and endeavor to put into action. Core values guide your organisation‘s board, staff and volunteers in performing their work.

Goals and Objectives - Quality of service delivery is more likely to be achieved under role culture, whereas successful campaigning is more likely under task culture. A power or task culture is more appropriate for growth goals.

Critical Success Factors – what the organisation must get right to succeed in its mission

Positioning – Similar to brand. Building a valued and preferred position in the minds of your target audience (how you would like them to describe you)

Brand/Reputation – Developing and comm unicating powerful and meaningful differences between your offerings and those of your competition

Q2. What are the factors that influence span of control?

Answer –

Tactics| Description| Examples|
Pressure| The person uses demands, threats, or intimidation to convince you to comply with a request or to support a proposal.| If you don't do this, you're fired. You have until 5:00 to change your mind, or I'm going without you.| Upward appeals| The person seeks to persuade you that the request is approved by higher management, or appeals to higher management for assistance in gaining your compliance with the request.| I'm reporting you to my boss. My boss supports this idea| Exchange| The person makes an explicit or implicit promise that you will receive rewards or tangible benefits if you comply with a request or support a proposal, or reminds you of a prior favour to be reciprocated.| You owe me a favour. I'll take you to lunch if you'll support me on this.| Coalition| The person seeks the aid of others to persuade you to do something or uses the support of others as an argument for you to agree also| All the other supervisors agree with me. I'll ask you in front of the whole committee.| Ingratiation| The person seeks to get you in a good mood or to think favourably of him or her before asking you to do something.| Only you can do this job right. I can always count on you, so I have another request| Rational persuasion| The person uses logical arguments and factual evidence to persuade you that a proposal or request is viable and likely to result in the attainment of task objectives.| This new procedure will save us $150,000 in overhead. It makes sense to hire John; he has the most...
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