Smu Bba 1st Sem Solved Assignments

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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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Answer: a. Meaning of Buying Motives
According to Wit. Stanton: “A motive can be defined as a drive or an urge for which an individual seeks satisfaction. It becomes a buying motive when the individual seeks satisfaction through the purchase of something.” Motive is thus inner urge that moves or prompts a person to some action. Motive is an effectual desire that prompts one to a definite action. A motive is the inner state that energises, activates or motives and that directs or channels behaviour towards goals. Table:

Primary buying motives Secondary buying motives
1. Food and Drink 1. Bargains
2. Comfort 2. Information
3. To attract opposite sex 3. Cleanliness
4. Welfare of beloved ones 4. Efficiency
5. Freedom from fear and danger 5. Convenience
6. To be superior 6. Dependability quality
7. Social approval 7. Style beauty
8. To live longer 8. Economy profit
9. Curiosity.
All these motives are not equally forceful. Here we give only important buying motives: 1. Freedom from fear and danger: Fear is a negative motive but is a very powerful one. The most basic instinct of a human being is self-preservation. A person would do almost anything to guarantee – his safety. Fear is a very powerful and compelling force in human affair. 2. Desire for economy: People desire money to satisfy their other desires. The businessman wants money to make more profits or lower costs. Saving money is a universal desire. Customers spend money to get more money. 3. Vanity: Vanity is a powerful motive in the hands of the marketing man being the safest appeal that may be used. 4. Appreciation: Everybody desires to be appreciated and complimented. They like to be recognized as an important person. They want to be in a position from where they can issue orders to others. 5. Fashion: It is the desire of everyone to imitate what others are doing. This may also be called imitation motive. It is closely linked with pride or desire for importance. 6. Possession: The instincts of...
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