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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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SThe advanced practice nurse’s role as a researcher is to work along scientist and doctors, to help build the clinical and scientific foundation of information to improve overall patient care. By using gathered data, the nurse is able to assist in the prevention of disability, disease, eliminate symptoms caused by an illness and enhance end-of-life and palliative care. The research nurse will recruit and interview patients, to find appropriate candidates for study, they will compile and review data and help to implement new strategies or techniques as they are applied to the health care settings. The advanced practice nurse’s role as a collaborator is to work with a variety of individuals in patient care and delivery. The nurse and other interdisciplinary team members must collaborate to determine the proper plan of care for their client, interventions needed, and the actions to ensure that the plan of care is carried out, to ensure the best possible patient care. The advanced practice nurse’s role as a clinician is to support the client by attitudes and actions that show concern for client welfare and acceptance of the client as a person. The nurse is primarily concerned with the client’s needs.

The advanced practice nurse’s role as a consumer advocate is to promote what is best for the client, ensures that the client’s needs are met, and protects the client’ rights.

The advanced practice nurse’s role as a manager of systems, gives directions, develops staff, monitors operations, gives rewards fairly, and represents both staff members and administration as needed. The nurse manages the nursing care of individuals, groups, families and communities. The nurse manager delegates nursing activities to ancillary workers and other nurses and supervises and evaluates their performance.

The advanced practice nurse’s role as a consultant is to conduct research, review medical records and prepare reports for legal cases. Nurses go through medical records and help...
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