Sms Via Application Software

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PROJECT TITLE : SMS VIA APPLICATION SOFTWARE USING VISUAL BASIC 6 OBJECTIVE: We want to send SMS through our Application Software, which will help us to write SMS with the keyboard and it will make a user friendly environment to send SMS.

We use a SMS Toolkit called ActiveX/COM component which provides SMS messaging functionality.

With this Toolkit, we can send and receive SMS messages via a: 1. GSM modem;
2. GSM phone;
1. We use visual basic 6.0 as our main programming language. 2. Access as database to store phonebook and our sent SMS
3. A DLL file called ASmsCtrl.dll .
4. A mobile connectivity Driver with data cable or Bluetooth Device 5. A USB supported multimedia mobile.
How it works:
GSM modems (SMS)

This is a fast and reliable device to send and receive SMS messages. You can send plain text SMS messages, Unicode messages, ring tones and other advanced SMS messages using a GSM modem.

To send SMS messages using a GSM modem, use the GsmOut object. To receive, use the GsmIn object.

ActiveXperts recommends WaveCom GSM modems and MultiTech GSM modems. GSM phones with AT+C modem command support (SMS)

GSM phones work similar to GSM modems. Connect your GSM phone to a PC or server via the serial port, USB port or Bluetooth. People usually prefer to use a dedicated GSM modem rather than a GSM phone, because it is cheaper, faster and more reliable.

To send SMS messages using a GSM phone and SMS and Pager Toolkit, use the GsmOut object; to receive, use the GsmIn object. GsmOut - Send SMS messages using a GSM modem (like MultiTech MultiModem GSM/GPRS USB Modem) or GSM phone (like Nokia 6310i); GsmIn - Receive SMS messages using a GSM modem or GSM phone;

SMS is a very inexpensive. 160 characters take up as much room as a one-second-voice call . Very fast. Messages are delivered immediately or when the phone is turned on. Like e-mail, text messages can be stored and reviewed at a later date....
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