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Project 1 – Service Industry Competence
By Paul Pirnus

Kinopalæet – and the Danish Cinema

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Pirnus Paul (class sem 1v) ; Martin Knudsen (class 1a)

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Pirnus Paul:
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Kinopalaeet is a movie theatre located in Lyngby and it’s one of the best cinemas in Copenhagen area. The cinema has the latest equipment and it’s designed mainly for first releases. Kinopalaeet it’s one of the biggest cinemas in Denmark with it’s 11 cinema halls and special handicap places. The movie theater has a broad and high-quality repertoire. They show both broad mainstream films and narrower quality movies. It’s considered the 5th cinema in Denmark by the site, higher in rank then bigger cinemas such as Palads or Imperial. The movie theatre is in centre of Lyngby being part of the mall Lyngby Storecenter close to the s-tog station in town. Kinopalaeet open it’s doors on 17 august 2001 with the help of Sandrew Metronome witch had a very vast experience in cinema business. The place has state of the art movie equipment and the halls are Dolby Digital and THX approved. The owners spent a great deal of money on the theatre, the decorations alone being close to 30 million kroner.

Hours: All day 11:30 to 21:30 (first performance at. 12.00) 1.

KinoPalaeet-SMS Model

Giving the fact that cinemas are a popular form of entertainment, KinoPalaeet doesn’t make an exception from the rule. Since more then 100 years old people are going to the cinema to escape from the real world and to open a new one full of possibilities, excitement and adventure.

Market Segment:

The movie theatre in the center of Lyngby is a first release kind of theater and the primary market segment is movie critics and people involved in the movie business. But other then that every kind of people comes to the cinema. The great thing about the movies and the places that air them is the fact that it never gets old. Since the beginning of the cinema, people always had come to see motion pictures. The age depends on the type of movies that air. Some are designed for children and some are designed for adults but most films are made for a very wide range of ages. Besides that, there are a lot of movie genres that grow as the time passes so that people will always have a choice what film to see. There are dramas, comedies, action movies, horror movies and so many that the public will always have a wide selection to choose from.

The point is that will always be a new movie, a new story to tell and with that people of all ages will come to the cinema. Kinopalaeet is the type of cinema that attracts all kind of people, old and young, students and tourists, locals that will always consider the cinema as a fun place to go.

The image of the Kinopalaeet Theatre is a particularly good one especially in the town of Lyngby. Being the biggest one in the north of Copenhagen area gives an edge and a boost of confidence to its employees. There are many students from the two universities in Lyngby that come to enjoy a film at Kinopalaeet so the cinema always has a youth breeze of fun and lighthearted atmosphere.

The cinema offers a new selection of movies every week and a variety of new releases; an advantage of being a first release kind of movie theater. Kinopalaeet attracts also many new investors that contribute to making the movie theater the best in Copenhagen. The employees are mostly young adults that keep a fun environment and image inside. The location also has a great contribution in keeping the image of the company up and running. Being located in the biggest mall...
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