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Topics: Youth, Dialect, Young Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: February 28, 2012
This is an article written by a Journalist in a quality broadsheet which is targeted for the middle class, middle aged and well educated audience. The point of this article is for the middle aged classes to wonder, and be convinced that the use of the abbreviations and made up words by youth and media are ruining the English language. We can tell that the text is targeted to these groups of people as this is a criticism towards the modern language that the youth has created. This was mostly due to the use of technology in young people's lives, such as texting and computers, chatting and social networks and even the media. Some words include: OMG, meaning "Oh my God" and "meh" which is used as an expression of indifference, "defriending" or "unfriending" expressions derived from Face book. Another example is NEET´s which are the people of society with "no education, employment or training". We also know the target audience as most of the youth would know what these words mean, but the writer explains the meaning of each of these because he knows the middle aged class will not understand. The writer also uses words and expressions which a young or uneducated person would not use such as "an assertion" or "have now wormed their way". The Journalist addresses the youth throughout the whole text and trying to convince the middle aged class that the use of abbreviations and slang words are not favoring the English language. If a young person were to read this they would feel criticized and offended, as throughout the text the author is blaming the youth the most for the use of these words which in his view are ruining the English language. On the other hand a middle aged person might agree with the writers view. The Journalist is entitled to his own opinion, but as part of the youth, I think that we are not ruining the language as some other professors might agree on the fact that we have great minds, and mental ability to invent words and that is of great merit....
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