Sms Based E Notice Board

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Embedded Systems-Fall 2005
ECGR 5101 Final project

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Embedded Project- ECE 5101

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1. Abstract-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 2. Project Description------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 3. Device Description

3.1 Renesas SKP16C62P Starter Kit Plus -------------------------------------------------4 3.2 GSM modem------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 3.3 Power connection ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 3.4 Antenna Connection --------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 3.5 SIM card Reader-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 4. MAX232 Chip---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 5. RS232 Standard---------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 6. GM28 Communication System---------------------------------------------------------------9 7. AT commands-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 8. Installation and Functionality of modem-----------------------------------------------------11 9. Short Message Service-------------------------------------------------------------------------13 10. PDU SMS format------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 11. Code --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 12. Snapshots from Project

12.1 Snapshots from hyper-terminal-----------------------------------------------------25 12.2 Photos of complete project setup---------------------------------------------------26 13. Observations---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------27 14. Precautions--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------27 15. Conclusions-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27 16. References--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------28

Embedded Project- ECE 5101

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1. Abstract
The goal of this project is to design an embedded device which can control up to 8 devices by sending a specific SMS message from a cell-phone. This controller is extremely handy at places where we have to control the ON and OFF switching of the devices but no wired connection to that place is available.

To implement this, a GSM modem is connected to a programmed microcontroller which would receive the SMS from a reference cell phone. The control signal part of the received SMS is extracted and is changed to microcontroller-preferred format. In regular intervals, the modem would also send the local temperature We have selected GSM because the ubiquity of its standard makes international roaming very common between mobile phone operators, enabling subscribers to use their phones in many parts of the world. A PC which is connected to the micro-controller using a serial communication through RS232 can be used for monitoring and transmission of the control signals to the modem. The monitoring is also done by interfacing a LCD to the microcontroller. AT commands were used for controlling the functionality of modem.

Main hardware requirements:
Renesas SKP16C62P Starter Kit Plus
This contains the micro-controller. (used for controlling the different external devices connected as per the SMS received )
GSM modem (GM28 from Sony-Ericsson)
This GSM/GPRS terminal equipment is a powerful, compact and self contained unit with standard connector interfaces and has an integral SIM card reader. It is used for receiving the SMS from the mobile...
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