Sms Based Control System

Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Text messaging Pages: 4 (801 words) Published: July 13, 2010
Have You Ever Thought Of How To Turn Your Mobile GSM Phone To Be An "SMS Controller"? You should have read THIS and understand it first just before you proceed to read "SMS Controller" articles SMS Controller Headache looking for a solution on how to interface your GSM Phone with AVR Micro-Controller? If you patience enough you might find the solution right-away from here. Build your very own SMS controller with a truly detailed instruction from scratch! A step-by-step guidance will be tought here. All you have to is to have:

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Some basic electronics/electrical knowledge Ready with some basic electronics tools such as soldering iron, multimeter, etc. Relevant electronics components (we'll describe later) AT capable command mobile phone (we are using several models ericsson T10 and T39) Master mobile phone (for sending and receive command) A PC AVR Programmer of any kind AVR compiler

DLR3 cable for for serial cable connection to T39 (original kits from ericsson though it comes from ROC!).

Step # 1
1. 2. Let's download the SMS Controller circuit diagram


and print it

Get ready of all the components as listed in the circuit diagram

3. Install the components to the PCB (writer is using a cut of bread-board!) and inspect thoroughly so as not to have short or open circuit 4. For a reference, please find the the prototype of SMS Controller or Interfacing hand phone with AVR micro-controller.

5. The writer purposely show the prototype without any enclosure as well as with some fly-wire to indicate the real ones built from scratch!You can alter or arrange all the components base on your suitability as you like. 6. The serial connection to the PC is an optional but really helpfull particularly when you get stucks. Remember! Do not expect that your prototype is working as expected very easily! So, it is here where you must have the serial link to PC for trouble-shooting is necessary. By doing this you will eliminate from being...
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