Smrt Buses

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SMRT Buses
There are two types of environmental forces on SMRT buses, Macroenvironmental and Microenvironmental forces. For Macroenvironmental forces, the factors are Demographic, Economic, Natural, Technological, Political, Social and Cultural forces. For Microenvironmental forces, the factors are the company itself, suppliers, Marketing intermediaries, competitors, Publics and customers affect its ability to serve its customers. However, I will only be covering 2 of each Microenvironmental and Macroenvironmental forces. Introduction

SMRT first started off in the year 1983, offering services such as Trains, Buses, and Taxis. From 1983 to 2003, SMRT buses were 2 different companies, namely, Trans Island Bus Services (TIBS) and SMRT. To increase competition of customers between local buses, 16 SBS services were given to TIBS (SMRT before merger). Operation of bus services in the north-east corridor was also offered to TIBS (SMRT before merger). In 1999, when TIBS (SMRT before merger) lost the offer to operate the north east line, TIBS and SMRT decided to merge to increase rails and buses synergy. SMRT then merged with TIBS in 2004.

Microenvironmental Forces
SMRT buses’ only has one competitor, the SBS Transit. SBS Transit monopolised the scheduled bus market share until SMRT was established in 1982. Now SBS Transit has about 265 bus services and daily ridership of over 2 million passengers, equivalent to 75% of scheduled bus market share. Compared to SMRT, with a daily ridership of over 730000 passengers, which is equivalent to 25% of scheduled bus market share. SMRT needs to observe their competitor to see what they are doing, find a way to...
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