Smoking Report (Year 11-Esl)

Topics: Tobacco, Nicotine, Tobacco smoking Pages: 5 (1365 words) Published: August 21, 2008

Smoking is one major problem which affects mankind. It is even worse when adolescents smoke because of their limited knowledge about the impact of smoking. This report demonstrates how smoking causes problems in diverse ways especially to the health of adolescents. Although smoking of tobacco or cigarettes has been practised over centuries, smoking bans should be done according to various reasons which are stated in this report and link solutions which should be applied in society to prevent smoking.


The purposes of this report are to emphasize the harmful impact of smoking especially among adolescents. Some backgrounds of tobacco smoking will be highlighted. Immediate and long term effects of smoking to adolescent’s health will be the focal point. It will also present statistics and data of smoking practices over the world and in Australia. Recommendations of how societies should take measures regarding smoking will also be discussed.


This report collected different kinds of research in relation to smoking practices and the impact on adolescents’ health. Internet research, media, library sources and interview of real smokers were also used.



Since 5000BC, groups of people from all over the world started to smoke (Iain Gately, 2001). Reasons of why people take up or do not give up smoking are the core topics for present debate in every society. It is widely accepted that smoking causes major health problems and long term effects. This report focuses on the negative impact of adolescent smoking.


Tobacco plants have been growing since 6000BC in Northern and Southern America. Throughout history tobacco was used to sniff, chew, eat, drink, smear over bodies, in eye drops, enemas (treatment for constipation) and smoke (Iain Gately, 2001). Tobacco smoking is a practice which people burn tobacco in a form of cigarette, cigar or in a pipe.

A report in 2006 from The Centre for Young Women's Health Staff stated that cigarettes are made from massive quantity of over 4000 chemicals. Most of them are poisons such as: •Nicotine (addictive and deadly poison),

Arsenic (used in rat poison),
Mathone (a component of rocket fuel),
Ammonia (used in floor cleaner),
Cadminm (used in batteries),
Carbon Monoxide (part of car exhaust),
Formaldehyde (used to preserve body tissue),
Butane (lighter fluid),
Hydrogen Cyanide (poison used in gas chamber) and many other worse ones.

Larissa Hirsch (2007) described that each cigarette that people smoke everyday wastes from 5 to 20 minutes of their life. Physical impacts of smoking are bad skin, bad smells of clothes and hair, bad breath, acute respiratory tract infections and reducing the athletic performance. What is even worse is that, in a long term consequence, smoking can cause lung cancer, heart diseases, asthma, gangrene, miscarriage, stroke, low birth weight and more. Mental health problems caused by smoking are psychological distresses and depression (Janice and Bill Royce, 2007).

There are many reasons why people take up smoking. It has been confirmed that most people started to smoke before they are 18 (Larissa Hirsch, 2007). In this age group, they were too immature to acknowledge the bad effect smoking can cause. They simply thought that smoking is cool so they tried their first cigarette with friends who smoke. The main trouble is the addiction which is caused by nicotine (Lynch B and Bonnie R, 1994). A 17 year-old school student in Brisbane QLD, Australia said, “I just cannot stop smoking even if I know clearly that it is horrible to my health. It just makes me feel comfortable in some ways.” Since public cigarette advertisements are still legal in some countries, Tracey Lynn Wise (1998) insists that the message encourage adolescents to start smoking or keep smoking. Moreover, they see that everyone is doing it. Some people believe that...
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