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1.1.This Briefing Paper provides an analysis of the results of the survey of patients admitted to adult acute and PICU inpatient services. This is to understand their views following the implementation of a smoking ban in hospital environments through the Smoke Free policy in response to government legislation (Health Act 2006). The Care Quality Commission requires that all Trusts will promote good health for their service users, staff and visitors by providing a smoke free environment. The survey was conducted in April 2010 by a trained team of CNWL service users.


2.1The Trust has successfully implemented no smoking in all inpatient buildings and various reports to the Board have been presented with the aim of providing assurance of this and also to highlight areas of risk. One of the recommendations of the latest Board report (December 2009) on the Update of the Smoke Free policy implementation within the Trust was to carry out an in - patient survey to establish their perspective on the smoking ban. 2.2The CNWL Smoking Survey was designed by Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Anshu Rayan, through close collaboration with the service user survey team, the Head of Patient & Public Involvement, Chris Bumstead, and Clinical Audit Specialist, Seraphim Patel. This is the first time since the smoke free legislation has been implemented that patients have been formally asked about their views. 2.3The aim of this pilot survey was to find out the understanding of patients about the no smoking rules and how this has affected the patients’ experience of being on the ward, and whether they had noticed any impact of the policy on the ward environment.

2.4The objectives of this audit were as follows:

To identify various aspects of patient experiences of implementing the no smoking rules on inpatient wards. •To use the results and feedback to improve the way the no smoking rules are managed on the wards. •To develop ways in which patients can be further supported with wishing to manage their smoking behaviour and promote improved smoking cessation outcomes. •To tailor the support provided to staff working on inpatient wards to address particular challenges, depending on local needs. •To use the results and feedback to review the training provided to CNWL staff across the trust with the aim of listening to patient needs.

3. Methodology

3.1Service users on all adult acute admission and PICU wards were given the opportunity to complete a questionnaire either by themselves or through an interview with the service user survey team members.

3.2The questionnaire provided opportunities to make direct answers to questions as well as giving space for additional comments. The team of service user interviewers visited the wards and offered the opportunity to all patients on the ward to take part in the survey. Completed questionnaires were returned to the Clinical Audit Department for analysis. A service user on work experience placement in the Patient & Public Involvement Team has also been involved in processing and analysing the data.

3.3A total of 142 patients completed the smoking questionnaire. Of these:

52% were White
20% Black
15% Asian
8% were of mixed ethnicity
45 came from other ethnic groups

In addition, of the total number of patients surveyed:

21% of these were between 18 - 25 years old
22% between 26 – 35 years old
31% between 36 - 50 years old
27% were 50 years old and over
64% of the total patients surveyed were male
36% were female
20% of patients considered themselves as having a mental disability •17% a physical disability
50% of patients that completed the questionnaire identified themselves as smokers (n=70).

3.4The results of this survey were reported to the Trust Acute Care Forum in September and disseminated to the local Acute Care Forums with more detailed data on their local performance.

4. Overview of...
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