Smoking Problem in the Families

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Smoking as a social problem affecting family life.

Cigarette smoking has entered almost every household under the guise of a normal and yet slightly unhealthy habit. Family life includes many aspects and perhaps one of the most important is health. Despite the fact that most people in today's society are aware of smoking-related dangers, many smokers continue to use cigarettes. Although many smokers justify their smoking habit with an excuse that it is their own decision to damage their bodies, they, unfortunately, do not fully and intelligently consider all the consequences of smoking that can affect their families. This essay will concentrate on the problem of passive smoking which can affect family life in the most negative ways and possible solutions will be given. .

Smoking cigarettes may affect family life, particularly health in very destructing ways. For instance, by smoking around the family, whether indoors or outdoors, a smoker produces second-hand smoke which has a detrimental effect on the health of children and partners. Passive smoking is a serious yet hardly acknowledged problem, which can lead to all smoking-related diseases such as cancer and other devastating diseases. If someone in a family smokes, it correspondingly affects other members of the family, and this exposes the entire family to many risks. Children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, they breathe in second-hand smoke. Children are much more susceptible to the devastating effects of tobacco smoke because they breathe more often than adults, and have less developed lungs and immune system. If both parents smoke cigarettes this obviously increases the impact on the children. For pregnant woman, it is very harmful to be in the same room with a smoker. Furthermore, women who smoke during pregnancy or men smoking around pregnant partners put their unborn child at risk of poor health outcomes. This may reflect in penchant...
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