Smoking in Vietn

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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In fact, many countries in the world have the smoking problem, and Vietnam is one of them. Component of cigarettes, awareness of people and management of government is the cause of serious smoking problem in Vietnam. This essay is going to discuss cause and effect of smoking problem in Vietnam, and provide solutions.

Firstly, there are 200 toxic chemicals per 400 chemicals in tobacco, and in these 200 toxic chemicals there are about 40 chemicals causing cancer. For example, benzene is used in fuel and chemical manufacturing, ammonia is found in cleaning liquid, hydrogen cyanide is used as a fumigant to kill ants. It is also used to manufacture plastics, dyestuff and pesticides. Cadmium is an extremely poisonous and radioactive metal found in batteries, and acetone is found in nail polish remover….

Secondly, because of lack of responsibility, people smoke everywhere, even, there are some children around them. Furthermore, more than half of adult men smoke. This means that the male smoking rate is one of highest rate in the world. Indeed, a man usually smokes a considerable amount every day. Vietnamese men smoke a lot at important occasions such as weddings, funerals or meetings. On the other hand, “Smoking is bad for health”, it is not a strange slogan, and people can see this slogan on every pack of cigarette and almost everywhere in Vietnam. However, the number of smoker does not stop increasing.

Finally, the government of Vietnam does not encourage the community to reduce smoking zealously, as well, they do not construct reserved rooms for smokers in public places. Actually, the Vietnam government has issued a lot of law to ban selling cigarettes for people under 18, but quantity of underage students who smoke is not a small number and the main reasons for this non-compliance is that cigarettes are sold almost everywhere in the country through street vendors and small shops where enforcement of the regulation is not very...
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