Smoking Habit

Topics: Smoking, Tobacco smoking, Cigarette Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemicals compound, in which 200 of them are addicted and 43 of them are bad for your health. In us , there’re 443,000 people die annually because of smoking. And the number of people dying in the whole world is 5milllions people. This number is bigger than the number of people die because of accident, AIDS, tuberculosis combined. Smoking is the main reason for some cancers, including lung cancer.. It also increases the risk of having emphysema, asthma, cataracts and pneumonia. Smoking is bad for everyone. For women, if you start smoking, you will lost average 14.5years of your life. A pregnant woman who smokes may go into premature labor or give birth to low birth weight. It also increases the incidence of chronic bronchitis and emphysema in females, according to the centers for Disease control and prevention. For men, smoking you shorten your life for 13.2 years earlier. A man who smokes is 23times more likely to get lung cancer than a man who does not smoke. It also leads to erectile dysfunction in men. Children are also facing a terrible risk due to smoking. Infants exposed to cigarette smoke are increasing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and more likely to suffer from asthma, ear and lung infections. A large number of smoking young adults is the results from copying of the adults around them, as well as try to prove theirselves in front of their friends. Young people who smoke are more likely to go on using stronger drugs, including marijuana and alcohol. Smoking is not only bad who people who smokes it, but also cause damage to people around them. Secondhand smokers, those who exhaled from the smoker’s mouth and from the the end of the cigarettes are are more likely to get related diseases such as cancers, heart disease, coughing, wheezing and so on.Each year. 53000 non-smokers die because of those smokers around them. Smoking is definitely bad for your health and people around you, too....
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