Smoking Effects

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Ashraf Barrada
Chemistry –EH
March 16th, 2013

Have you ever thought about what smoking does to you and the people around you? Have you ever thought of why it isn’t legal for you to smoke it at a certain age and isn’t a tolerated action? Once there was a young boy, who smoked when he was young and he grew up smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. Now that guy lives on hospital machines and asthma inhalers because the cigarettes have caused him to have lung failure and cancer. It has caused him to live a sad life forever only because he thought it was “cool”. The kid didn’t realize and know what the long term effects until he have experienced it.

There are many chemicals found in cigarettes that can cause lung failure, heart problems, cancer, and even death. Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas found in cigarettes, which inhibits the flow of oxygen to the body. Formic Acid is an odorous liquid acid which also irritates your skin and mucous membranes and is used in the manufacturing industry. Nitrous Oxide is a toxic gas able to undermine your body tissues and lower your defense mechanisms. Pyridine is a flammable liquid used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical agents. Acetaldehyde is an extremely poisonous liquid which will affect your heart by raising your blood pressure. Methyl Chloride is a poisonous gas which is used in the making of rubber. Formaldehyde is a smelly gas used as a preservative which will irritate your mucous membranes. Hydrogen Cyanide is a killer, toxic liquid used mostly in capital punishment. Acetonitrile is a poisonous substance from coal tar used in the making of plastics. Propionaldehyde is a clear liquid which gives off an asphyxiating odor used as a chemical disinfectant. Hydrogen Sulfide is a toxic gas emanating from rotting matter. Acrolein is a poisonous liquid with a noxious odor. Nicotine is a toxic alkaloid used to exterminate insects. Ammonia is a gaseous mix of hydrogen and nitrogen used in explosives. All of...
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