Smoking Causing Health Problems

Topics: Tobacco, Tobacco smoking, Nicotine Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: May 6, 2012
As a group we are basing this project on college students from the age 18 and up. We are researching college students smoking cigarettes, which cause major health problems. Many college students smoke whether its cigarettes or weed. Smoking can cause many health problems among users. For years a lot of college students die from smoking cigarettes. Also there are people who die every day because of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes. We chose to target this population because during many students college experience, they are unaware of the many different influences out there. A person can enter college being a nonsmoker but with the influence of their peer. This can cause that person to start smoking. Some people may do it just because they may think it is cool, but in actuality they are risking their life from a single cigarette. Based upon our research, thirty – three percent of college students use tobacco products such as cigarettes, black and mild cigars, and chewing tobacco. This shows how greatly tobacco influences college students to become avid users. The message that our PSA will convey is how much cigarettes affects a person’s health. We want to shows how cigarettes have been a major killer to the human race. We will create and perform an interview with a person who has a history of smoking. Hopefully this will show and get the message across to our audience that cigarettes are very dangerous. We want our presentation to also encourage and explain the importance of a person health. Our group presentation is well developed for people who are unaware of the results of tobacco use.
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