Smoking Bans

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Compose your speech offline. Put it together using your word processing software, or (if you prefer old-school) handwritten on paper.

This template is set up as a step-by-step process. The blanks simply indicate that you are to write something at that point.

(1) Save this as it is right now as “Speech Template.”
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A. Topc: The Effects of Public Smoking Bans

B. My purpose is to inform my audience about public smoking bans C. It should be in our best interest to exercise this to be conducive to a better smoke free society. Smoking has pernicious effects on those who consume secondhand smoke.

Point I. We should better exercise the ban against smoking in public areas to better a smoke free environment

Supporting Material (see below):
A. From numerous surveys to the death toll from tobacco related deaths we use this to better exercise smoke free zones in public areas .According to a USAToday article “Stroke hospitalizations fell 16%, while hospitalizations for respiratory disease fell 24%, according to the study, published Monday in Circulation.” If we refuse to enforce public smoking ban health issues will continue to rise among Americans. Public smoking bans with strict enforcement might infuse some fear or reconsideration of smoking in public. B. We must also exercise a certain type of ban in our homes as well. Most second hand smoke occurs at home were kids are helpless to prevent second hand smoke consumption.

[Transition to Point 2:] Another factor individual should be aware of is the harmful effects of second hand smoking.

II. Harmful...
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