Smokin Joes Abstract

Topics: Inventory, Food safety, Reorder point Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Group Work: Group A17
Anushree Paul (U112010)
Archita Bose (U12011)
Kadambari Sureka (U112031)

Inventory control for the food-service industry poses special challenges because the product is perishable and prone to cause food-borne illness. Food-service inventory-control methods should track product movement frequently and proactively, and should also identify items as coming from particular batches, in order to trace products when food-service issues occur. The urban consumption patterns of youth is heavily weighing towards pizzas, burgers etc. So we have picked up Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza to analyse their inventory systems and maximise the output in terms of cost and optimum order levels.


Food-service inventory methods should correspond to the shelf-life of the products one uses. To develop an inventory-management system appropriate to the degree of your product's perishability. We intend to track the amount of food that it discards or donates after each production cycle and adjust production quantities in order to minimize future waste. Rapid Turnover:

Pay attention to patterns that occur over the course of the day, such as increased burger sales in the evening. We intend to check dates frequently and rotate stock conscientiously for items that are especially perishable, such as vegetables used and prepared food products, especially those containing mayonnaise. Food Safety:

Because food products are prone to cause health and safety issues if improperly handled, food-inventory methods should help minimize the risk of food-borne illness. Develop systems for stocking food inventory so as to easily rotate stock, such as setting up shelves to provide easy access to back rows in order to store incoming product. Develop protocols stipulating how long to keep stock on hand Restaurant...
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