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Mountain Air
Katelyn Lord
Section 02

Throughout the year many people take trips to and vacation in other states. We all see rolling hills, flat plains, towering mountains, fast flowing rivers, and other exceptionally unique places. The one place I find more breathtaking than anything else, time and time again is the Smoky Mountains, particularly in Tennessee. The beauty of these land forms has brought my family and me back many times. No matter how many times we go back, there is always something new to be seen.

From the first the first moment I laid eyes on these mountains, I was in love. We have always stayed in mountainside cabins, which only added to the effect of my already amazing surroundings. It is one of the best feelings in the world to just be able to relax outside with the view of the mountains all around you. The mist at night and into the early morning is almost surreal. When I was a little kid I never understood why they were called “Smoky” mountains. The mist in these mountains is unbelievable and brings out an effect like no other. I have regarded these mountains and the towns and cities in them as my second home almost as long as New Orleans has been my first.

The quaint little towns Tennessee possesses are also as seemingly amazing as the mountains these towns and families have nestles in to. Gatlinburg is one of my favorite places to spend my day in. You can walk the entire town and some of the shops they have are so awesome. The people are extremely nice yet quirky and the opportunities to do new things are innumerable. Most of the buildings are built in classic style that only compliments the mountains that are acting as a backdrop.

One of our favorite past-times to indulge in while in Tennessee is to take trips up and down the swirling and curving roads that cover the mountainsides. There are little turn-offs you can use to just sit back and enjoy the view. No matter where we need to go while on out vacation, we like to take...
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