Smog Notes

Topics: Smog, Air pollution, United States Environmental Protection Agency Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: May 14, 2013
sor-Quebec city corridor, The Lower fraser Valley in British Columbia, And the Southern Alantic Region.

Sources: Again, I think me and my partner did about 50% To 50%

Random Smog Notes #2

The Desription of smog is a type of Brownish-yellow Foggy Haze that appears over cities. But sometimes Smog is not visible.
Smog is often in big cities like Los angles and in suburban areas. Beside this writing is a picture of Smog over a big city. Smog is made out of ground level ozone and Particulate matter. particulate matter is very small solid or liquid particles that can come from anything that burns material. Smog can cause respiratory distress, coughing, asthma, bronchitis, and eye irritation. Some weather conditions that can lead to smog are Warm temperatures, Slow wind, and still air. Smog season is May-September. Scientists have said that there is no safe level for and amount of smog, and that all smog is bad whenever it is around you. The OMA study says that smog will send about 17,000 people a year to the hospital with breathing problems. One of the places in Canada that has the worst smog problems is the urban belt running from Quebec to Windsor. Another place in Canada that is known for smog is the lower Fraser valley in British Columbia. Sources are

me and partner did 75% to 25%

Smog notes about harming us and the environment and what to do.

What you should do when a smog warning is issued is reduce your physical. Restrict the time that young children spend outside.
People with existing respiratory problems should there doctor to see how much time they should spend outside in the open. The Ozone in smog can delay plant growth which will cause damage to crops and forests world-wide. People with asthma are at risk a lot already for smog related diseases. When...
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