Smith System Consulting

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  • Published: September 17, 2007
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Smith System Consulting

Smith Systems Consulting was founded in 1984 by Blair Smith. In the late 70s, Blair Smith was a partner with a large public accounting firm in Houston, Texas. Having an advanced degree in computer science and an undergraduate degree in accounting, Mr. Smith would often use technology applications to solve the finance and accounting problems of Mr. Smith clients. Seeing the explosive growth of the personal computer industry, Blair Smith decided there were sufficient market opportunities to launch an independent technology services consultant business (Smith, 2006).

From an initial group of five, Smith Systems Consulting has grown to become a major regional consulting company with locations in Houston, Texas (headquarters), Atlanta, Georgia, and the newest venture to Beijing, China. Smith Systems Consulting clients for technology services are from a wide variety of industries including: Transportation, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and education.

Smith Systems Consulting services include: Designing and implementing network or website or custom programming project; offering the latest server technology to provide safe and secure web site hosting; developing new technology and upgrading current system; providing web site maintenance; programming and offering premier support services. Smith Systems Consulting offer these services to their clients with high value Web and Business application services.


Smith Systems Consulting is exploring the possibilities of enhancing Smith Systems Consulting security procedures and methods to maintain an honest, corporate workplace that will in turn benefit the customers in which Smith Systems Consulting serve.

The number one priority is the safety of the data that Smith Systems Consulting maintains on Smith Systems Consulting servers and who has access to that data. Everyday, hundreds of transactions are taking place on Smith Systems Consulting servers for Smith Systems Consulting customers that include sensitive data, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and bank account numbers.

For the safety and security of Smith Systems Consulting employees, proximity readers have been installed all throughout the building and are maintained at certain workstations. The proximity readers grant or deny access to a particular area of the building or database within a computer. Each employee is issued a picture identification card with encoded information implanted in the cards microchip, denoting what access the employee is given.

Smith Systems Consulting has about 50 servers at each location, Texas, Georgia and China. These servers maintain the company's products that help them service their clients. All websites, personal databases and local area networks are maintained on Smith Systems Consulting servers for easy access to Smith Systems Consulting customers and Smith Systems Consulting employees working on projects for Smith Systems Consulting customers. All databases, websites and software created at Smith Systems Consulting are copyrighted and fully non-pirated. This gives the client the full rights to Smith Systems Consulting software and to no one else.


Client's information must be held and kept secure from outside sources as well as employees that might see to compromise integrity. There are controls and checks in place to monitor employees and the information that they are passing to ensure security.

At Smith Systems Consulting the employees that work there have different levels of access as to the information that Smith Systems Consulting can see and access for Smith Systems Consulting clients. Depending on what the employee works on or is the employees' job duty will depend on the access. If the employee works directly with a client than naturally the employees have access to that information. If the employees work...
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