Smed (Single Minute Exchange of Die), Continuous Improvement Activity for Crank Changeover Process.

Topics: Crankshaft, Time, Daylight saving time Pages: 13 (3664 words) Published: March 25, 2013

Name of Trainee: SYAMLAL.A.R
Qualification: Mechanical Engineering
Institute: National Institute of Technology, Calicut
Project Guide: Vinayak Angane
Title of the project:
SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die), continuous improvement activity for crank changeover process. Brief Description of the project:
Use SMED techniques to reduce changeover time through system for crank machining to throughput simulation approved levels. Activities to be performed by trainee:
* Update crank changeover board to reflect the current.
* Create and manage tracking sheet of changeover issues and countermeasures. * Measure changeover times by operation.
* Get changeover within ‘OEM’ specified timing by end of project. Learning/Expectation of the trainee at the end of term:
* Understand process of manufacturing crankshaft.
* Understand how to implement continuous improvement process on shop floor. * SMED research and implementation.


I would like to express my gratitude to all the people in the General Motors Power Train department for helping me with my project. I would like to thank the Human resources managers who gave me an opportunity to undertake such a project in a world renowned company as General Motors. I would also like to thank all the operators who passed on all the knowledge that they could in two months to help me understand all the processes. They also helped me in various situations where it seemed that my project would come to a standstill, giving me exactly what I needed to go on. Next I would like to thank the each and every single person in the crank line who helped me and guided me in every step. They provided me with the resources and made suggestions that helped me improve and build a base for my ideas. I would also like to thank my fellow project trainee who had much more experience than me. He helped me to take off on my own path to completing the project with his valuable suggestion and ideas. Above all I would like to thank him for being a very good friend at the hour of need. I cannot fail to mention the undying support of Mr Kisan Kapse, Mr Prashant Kurde and Mr Bharat Sawant who helped me in every stage of the project. They were of great help in difficult times. I am deeply in debt to them whose stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped me in times. Last but not the least I would like to thank my project guide Mr Vinayak Angane who looked closely throughout the project, correcting and offering suggestions for improvement. He took time off his busy schedule to explore me with alternate approaches to my problem and with ideas that could never have occurred to me on my own.

The General Motors powertrain in Pune machines cam carrier, cylinder Head, cylinder block and crankshaft. GMI powertrain in Pune is a level IV flex plant. This power train plant is the one and only Level IV Flex plant in India. A level IV flex plant means that the plant can machine different types of the same component in the same machine. This is done by changing the die holding the component and also changing the program mentioning where to machine. My project revolves around the SMED of crankshaft. Some different parts constitute of the Cylinder block, Cylinder head & the Crankshaft. The crankshaft is the part of an engine which translates reciprocatinglinearpiston motion into rotation. Basically the crankshaft powers the engine. Crankshafts can be monolithic (made in a single piece) or assembled from several pieces. Monolithic crankshafts are most common, but some smaller and larger engines use assembled crankshafts. The different types of crank made in GM Powertrain Talegeon plant are 1.0 xSDE, 1.2 BDOHC, 1.3 xSDE and 1.4 BDOHC. SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) is a method for rapidly and efficiently converting a process from running the current product to running the next product. SMED is also often...
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