Sme's Risk Management Abstract

Topics: Management, Risk management, Project management Pages: 10 (1698 words) Published: March 18, 2011

Document Type: Initial Progress Report

Reporting Period: January 2011

Name/Number: Aslihan BARDAK/0953065

Course: Programme and Project Management

Course Group: C

Supervisor: Ned Robins


The risk concept is not new to SME’s since they started up their businesses. Although it is essential for business growth, it might turn up as avoidance unless project manager manages to mitigate its impact. The crucial point here is, how the risk perceived by managers. Risk was always a term that recalls crisis and makes managers frightened. Today very numbered organizations except banks have been applying risk management policies appropriately to control running activities. This study will discuss the risk related escape behavior on managers; find out reasons behind not considering beneficial facts about risk and how project managers will be encouraged to take a risk depend on how much they could afford.

Methodology: Beside to the literature review, questionnaires will be sending out to the companies, which are in hit list. Moreover, business conferences and seminars where takes place in “National Exhibition Center” and business networks will be following up as the project proceeds.

Key words: Risk management, project managers, risk, SME’s.


I understand the nature of plagiarism, and I am aware of the University’s policy on this. I certify that this dissertation reports and results original work by me during my University project.

Signature: Aslihan BARDAK Date: January 2011


I would like to thank my supervisor “Ned Robins” for his prompt support and guidance from very beginning to the end. This thesis would not have been possible unless he advised me.

I am also indebted to the other contributors, my team mates “Waqas”, “Adeel”, “McKimmie” , “Igor” and “Billy” for their encouragement and patience .

Finally I am grateful to have my family and friends in Cyprus who lead me in this way to success.

Achieved Progress since December 2010:

1. Project title changed.
2. Introduction to literature review: The book list during term is as follows:

Howes N. Modern Project Management: Successfully Integrating Project Management Knowledge Areas and Process (just started)

Cooper D., S.Grey, Raymond.G, Walker.P.Project Risk Management Guidelines: Managing Risk in Large Projects and Complex Procurements

3. Mock abstract completed.
4. Tentative questionnaires designed.
5. Thesis questions prepared.
6. Hit list and partners determined.
7. Group meetings conducted weekly without any disruption.

Estimated progress plan for January 2011:

1. Continue to book reading that started.
2. Revision of questionnaires
3. Testing questionnaires with old risky group students. 4. Finding seminars and conferences from National Exhibition Center in Coventry. 5. Participating to Richard Watson’s presentation on January 12th about “Life Cycle Risk”.

Hitlist and Partners:

KPMG Cyprus

PWC Cyprus and Turkey

Chamber of Commerce in Turkey

Chamber of Industry in Turkey

Management Centre Turkey

Pronet Consultancy Turkey

Mentor Project Management Consultancy Turkey

Secondary Contacts:

Members of “Risk, Regulation and Reporting”, “The Project Manager Network “and “Turkish Business Network” group in Linkedin .

Professional Associations:

Project Management Institute (PMI)
Association of Project Management (APM)
British Computer Society (BCS)
Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
Institute of Risk Management (IRM)


Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Turkey could be examined into two different timelines such as “SME’s before and after stabilization and structural reform”.

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