Smcr Model

Topics: Want, Color, Need Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: October 4, 2010

We chose an advertising which publish in a magazine. There is very beautiful model in this advertising. The advertising is so colour full. 1st look we chose the advertising. There is a massage “like you, your walls can now wear the designer look.” It’s means Are you planning to get your home painted but have no idea where to begin? You need to ruminate on many aspects. Primarily, you need to hunt for not just an ordinary painter but a reliable and skilled one with a thorough knowledge of colures and shades, who can complete the job in time. There is 3 different colour are cosmic metallic, metallic blossom, valentines. All colours are very nice. If we want to paint our wall I buy these colures. There is a word trusted worldwide. The word “trusted” and “worldwide” focus customer attention. The advertising very skilful every thing is very colorful. The models are take tea and fun. Here customer focuses on the persuasive impact of the channel that conveys the persuasive information. Finally customer thinks BERGER (sender) Popularity. Most important customer is focus on the model and communication massage. BERGER chose the print media (channel). The communication massage language is very easy and nice word. They express your walls can now wear the designer look. The massage language is clear to the customer. The target people (receiver) are middle and higher classes’ people. The massage is believed able to receivers. The Berger paint fulfills the customer needs and emotion. It is international product so it may be very loyal. There is some noise here. We can not know about price of the colors. How long paint looks nice. We can not assure. Some noise create by the competitor.

Conclusion: Finally, the smcr model suggests we need to look at ourselves to determine what kinds of motive, biases and perspectives we bring to the persuasion. What fascination, needs, and desires do we add in the process of co-creation? How do we treat with the...
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