Smartphones vs. Standard Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, BlackBerry Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Smartphones vs. Standard Phones
Ashley Akin
ENG 121
Craig Smith
November 7, 2011

Smartphones vs. Standard Cellphones

Some people do not worry about what kind of cellphone they have, but some people like the phones that have a lot of features. Smartphones have their own operating system that makes them faster and have more memory, as to standard phones, they have less memory and are not fast when it comes to connecting to the internet. People choose smartphones because they have more features and are mostly used by corporate people. When someone chooses a standard phone they are not looking for lots of features or memory, they just want a phone that can make and receive calls and text messages. Smartphones have lots of features including Apps you can download for different things such as Ashford University, Facebook, and YouTube. They also come with cameras and camcorders with over five megapixels. The camcorder on these phones can record as long as you would like and can send up to five minutes in a text or e-mail. Smartphones have their very own operating system so this makes them be a lot faster at connecting to the internet and downloading things. Most of them come with a removable memory stick which is usually four gigabytes to sixteen gigabytes depending on the brand and model of the phone. People that use smartphones are normally corporate people but the way technology is now a lot of people are using them because it is becoming more modern for everyday use. Standard phones have many features but not as many as the smartphones. Most of them come with cameras and some come with a camcorder too, but they have less than five megapixels. The camcorder usually can only record up to a minute and can only send thirty seconds in text or e-mail. They also have things you can download but are not Apps and can only be used for that phone, such as downloading ringtones, pictures, music, and games. The speeds on standard phones are not that great. They...
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