Smartphones in the Classroom?

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Students bringing their own Technology into the classroom ?

The topic of Smart phones being used in class is a well debated topic especially for the classroom’s of today. Some teachers believe that it’s just a distraction and should be put away. Other teachers believe that it’s just another way for students to “cheat” on the various assessments that they will receive. Some teachers also believe that when given the option to use smart phones that students will just abuse the idea and be on the phone more than during class work. There are some teachers that permit the students to use smart phones in some class room activities and the students end up learning a lot from the activity and actually like doing it at the same time. There is also a term for it called “BYOT” (Bring Your Own Technology). This is also a great idea because a recent survey says that over 80% of kids have Smartphone be 8th grade. So there is no problem of anybody not having a phone. So the use of smart phones in class should be permitted because they increase student activity in class and also increase student attention span. The students of today are in dire need of a new and more modern classroom activity. The usual and boring paperwork speeds up the time that it takes to lose a child’s attention. So when you put the Smartphone’s into the picture the child will pay more attention increasing his/her attention span giving the teacher/speaker more time to give out the information he/she is trying to. Another reason smart phones should be used in class is because they can cut down on school supplies. Since most smart phones have the applications notepad, calendar, and many more. With all these applications on the Smartphone and the students always having the phone on them it would completely obliterate the everyday problem of students being unprepared for class. This would then cause all the students to be prepared for class and ready for all the notes, important dates, etc. and be able to...
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