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Operating Systems
Name| Features|
Symbian (Symbian, 2009)| 1. The use of language C++2. It follows three design rules, the user data is the most important thing. 3. It is event-based, the CPU is turned off when running applications are not linked to the event. This is called “active objects”. 4. Compatibility with almost every device. 5. It is not and Open Source software. 6. Applications are all SIS files – they are easily transferred by Bluetooth. | Android (The Developers Guide, 2007)| 1. Java, C, MXN and C++ language2. Multimedia- Android supports several types of audio/video 3. Multi-touch technology4. Multitasking5. Video calling 6. Multiple connectivity- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM…| RIM (RIM Unveils BlackBerry 6, 2010)| 1. Visual Fluid Interface, making it easier to navigate. 2. Fast Web browsing3. Social Networking4. Multimedia- it helps you easily sync photos, videos and music. 5. Compatibility with other BB phones. 6. BB uses Intel processors | iPhone (iPhone 3G, 2010)| 1. Multitasking2. Organize in folders3. See e-books4. Accurate keyboard5. It’s an iPod6. Sensibility to movement- shake the phone to do/undo things or change songs7. Safari Web browser-stability|

Marketshare (Thousand of Units)
Company| 2009 Units Share| 2009 Market (%)|
Symbian| 80,878.6| 46.9|
iPhone| 24,889.8| 14.4|
RIM| 34,346.6 | 19.9|
Android| 6,798.4| 3.9|
Table 2. Worldwide Smartphone Sales in 2009 (Schroeder, 2010)

Diagram 1. Market shares (Schroeder, 2010)

Schroeder, Stan “Smartphones in 2009: Symbian Dominates, iPhone, RIM and Android Rising Fast”. (March, 2010 ). Mashable Mobile. (WWW Document) Recovered from: “Symbian” (2009). (WWW Document) Recovered from “RIM Unveils BlackBerry 6 Operating System; Features WebKit-based Browser, New Social Feeds Apps.” (August, 2010) (WWW Document) Recovered...
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