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1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction
Mobile phones have gone from being units only simple communication to perform significantly more advanced information for their users in everyday life. How often will not say people that "there is a app for that! "'. Modern mobile phones, or rather smartphones, contains a variety of tools accessible to the user and can be used to download additional applications from the digital market applications. The number of available applications to smartphones is steadily increasing. The two biggest digital markets for mobile applications belonging to Giants Apple and Google. Today there are over 500,000 applications available in both the App Store belonging company Apple and Google play that, maybe the name suggests, belongs to Google (Smart Insight, 2012). It is downloaded on average one trillion applications a month only from the App Store and it proves that mobile applications are a global phenomenon with great attraction for the users (Smart Insight, 2012). Research has, despite these huge numbers, shown very little interest in the topic mobile applications and especially around the use of them.

The purpose of this study is to find out how young adults use their smartphone, what applications they use the most and in what context they use them. I have chosen to focus on young adults either studying or working. By gaining access to their application usage, I analyze how they adapt their use to their jobs and how their use may differ between groups.

1.2 Issue
Main Question is the following "What kind of mobile application use by young adults in their smartphones, especially students and workers? "but this study will also answer following three questions:

First How are mobile applications and smartphones thus important to their jobs? 2nd In the environments used mobile applications most?
3rd What users prefer to use when looking for information via their smartphones? -6 -
1.3 Delimitation
In my investigation, I have chosen to examine only young students and young workers. I have chosen not to investigate the mobile application use in people older than 24 or younger than 18 years. I choose not to focus on the features that the older mobile phones could perform, such as voice calls and SMS, but chooses to focus on more smartphone-specific features in the form of applications.

1.4 Background
This section will provide a broad background in the area that this paper is concerned, this is to facilitate the reader's understanding and increase the ability to understand the purpose and method. 1.4.1 Smartphone Smart phones, or smartphones as they usually called in everyday life, is today's most modern mobile phones, which holds advanced computing features such as internet, camera, navigation systems, etc. (National Encyclopedia, 2012a). The characteristic feature of a smartphone is that used to most things with a touch screen and no physical buttons as was the case with the older mobile phones that are now called dumtelefon (Computer Sweden, 2012). What makes the smartphones smart is that you can download so-called mobile applications, or "apps," which will described in the next paragraph. Being constantly connected to the Internet has made it easier, for example, respond to the email or keep in touch with friends on Facebook wherever there is coverage. 1.4.2 Mobile Application

A mobile application is a sort of application program that is designed to fulfill a specific purpose (National Encyclopedia, 2012b). Applications are tailored small programs from the Internet, which in turn meets the user's needs and helps the user to utilize various features of the mobile phone to perform more advanced services. The most famous operating system used in smartphones has its own digital market where users can download both paid and free applications to their smartphones needed. There is a wide range of applications because it is not the only company that own operating system that develops applications but also...
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