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Introduction: The Use of Smartphones3
Discussion: The Operating Systems4
Conclusion: The future of smartphones5

Introduction: The Use of Smartphones
Technology plays a huge role in the average person’s life today. A particular form of technology that is on the rise is the use of smartphones. A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers data, internet, and more computing abilities. The innovation of smartphones is a growing business in the world today. Smartphones are on the rise of dominating the cell phone industry. As prices of smartphones continue to decrease the people who own smartphones continue to increase. Smartphones have made such a huge impact on today’s society, it uses many different operating systems, and it will become more advance in the future.

Figure 1- different smartphones

The use of smartphones is becoming more popular each and every day. In the article “More than half of all handsets will be smartphones in 2013” Cyrus Farivar states “No, you’re not imagining things—everyone around you does have a smartphone these days.” Farivar says this to illustrate the amount of people that are using smartphones today. Smartphone technology has been on rise ever since about a decade ago. People have many different kinds of smartphones to choose from including the iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung galaxy. (Online) Smartphones allow phone calls, camera, videos, and access to the web, different applications, and many other technological advances. (Online)Many smartphones have a GPS system so people do not have to worry about being in new places. (Farivar) With smartphones people can receive information and news within minutes that it has occurred. Smartphones allow people to check the weather, the news, scores of sports events and much more. Smartphones also allow people to pay bills from their phone and do mobile banking. (Farivar) They allow people to communicate through...
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