Smartphone – Problems for Some People

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Smartphone – Problems for some people
Amazingly, smartphones productions and sales are skyrocketing high in recent years. What I mean here is the touch-screen-smartphones (TSS). Majority of my friends are using TSS, some of them even have 2 smartphones with different numbers. Few brands are popular in the market: Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia. To be fair to all of these brands, I chose Acer beTouch 140. I’m kidding.. LOL I want to explore the functions of TSS.

If previously you have heard about great things about TSS, let me share about some problems with smartphones.

Sweaty hands:
You’ll find difficulty with TSS if you have sweaty hands. Sometimes, the screen is not sensitive to your touch, so you need to wipe your fingers and the screen frequently. Moreover, the sweat will make the screen dirty. When it comes to games that require fast tapping (Tap the Frog and so on), you may find difficulty to excel in this type of game as your sweaty hands may sometimes disturb the reactivity of the screen to your touch.

Typing messages:
Previously before having TSS, many of us are able to type messages in mobile phones even without looking at the keypad. Some like to type messages while driving or waiting for the traffic light to turn green (well, it is not obvious because your eyes are looking at the road while your fingers are working on the phone) or during classes, some people use 2 thumbs to fasten their typing. That reminds us about those old days when the phones are still producing crackling sounds when you push the keypad. It’s difficult to type messages with smartphones without looking at it, even worse when some people still type wrongly even when they are looking at their smartphones. Sometimes when you wanted to press a letter, it ends up with another letter and you need to delete that letter and retype. Longer time is needed for messaging. After sometimes you’ll get use to it.

In conclusion, smartphone is a great invention, but it...
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