Smartphone Influnce on Communicationn

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1 - 2 List of Figures 3 Abstract 4

1. Introduction
1. 1 Introduction 5 1. 2 Methodology 6 2. Discussion
2.1 Smartphone attitude
2.1.1 Smartphone in Hong Kong 8 2.1.2 Types of Smartphone apps 8 2.1.3 Increasing number of apps download 9 2.1.4 Reasons of using Smartphone 10 2.1.5 The trend of using smart phones 12 2.2 Attitude towards communication

2.2.1 The communication between family members 13 2.2.2 The emotion impact on using Smartphone 15 2.2.3 Expressing ideas and the possible impact 17 2.2.4 Communication methods before using Smartphone 17 2.2.5 Using of Smartphone 18 2.2.6 Addict in using smart phones 19 3. Conclusion 21

4. Recommendation
4.1 The usage of Smartphone 23 4.2 Communication between family members and friends 23

5. Works Cited 25

6. Appendix
Appendix 1 Questionnaire Sample 27

List of Figures
Figure 1.1 Gender of respondents 6

Figure 1.2 Age group of respondents 7

Figure 2.1 Types of Smartphone apps 9

Figure 2.2 The number of apps do the respondents have 10

Figure 2.3 Reason of using Smartphone 11

Figure 2.4 Advantages of using Smartphone 11

Figure 2.5 Do you send text message more than using phone call? 12

Figure 2.6 Do you communicate with your family members everyday? 13

Figure 2.7 The time spend on talking to your family members per day 14

Figure 2.8 The way to talk to the family members 15

Figure 2.9 The feeling when there is no message 16

Figure 2.10 Do you think that you are hard to express your ideas when you are talking to your parents or friends by face to face? 17

Figure 2.11 methods to communication before having Smartphone 18

Figure 2.12 Frequency of hiding emotion when using Smartphone 19

Firgue 2.13 Ways of make friends 20

Firgue 2.14 Frequency of checking Smartphone 20

Firgue 2.15 The negative effect(s) of using Smartphone 20

1.1 Abstract
Nowadays, it is common to see that the surrounding people are using their Smartphone. Since the cell phone technology has being advanced, it seems that there is a trend that more and more people are using their Smartphone to communicate with the others. This research investigates on the relationship between the usage of Smartphone and communication among the students in HKU SPACE PO LEUNG KOK COMMUNITY COLLEGE (HPCC). 50 copies of questionnaire are distributed and focused on the following aspects: the usage of Smartphone and the communication between family and friends. The information is based on the internet resources and the questionnaire.

50 participants were responded the questionnaire. The findings illustrate that most of the...
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