Smartphone Industry

Topics: Mobile operating system, Android, Smartphone Pages: 2 (277 words) Published: March 19, 2011
[2010 Winter/Spring Semester] KAIST URP Program

Individual Research Project Final Report

구글 안드로이드 플랫폼 기반 스마트폰 사업 비교 분석 Comparative Business Analysis on Smartphones
based on Google Android Platform

URP Participant
Department of Computer Science Viktor Shin Department of Mathematical Science Gerelmaa B.

Teaching Assistant
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering Jungwoo Lee

Advisory Professor
Department of Management Science Jay Young Ohm

Comparative Business Analysis on Smartphones
based on Google Android Platform
Gerelmaa BATCHULUUN[1], Viktor SHIN[2]
KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 2010 Abstract
Key words: smartphone, platform, design structure matrix, Android OS, Bada OS, iPhone OS, Nash equilibrium, optimal choice, pay off function It was not the big wave until the Apple’s iPhone penetrated into Korean market and basically initiated the smartphone war in Korea. Samsung and LG the major players in Korean mobile industry as well as leaders in advanced technology they are playing in a main role in smartphone industry. It is interesting to find out what kind of strategy that they will have in this dynamic market, therefore we studied about smartphone industry, from the perspective of Google’s Android based smartphones in Korean market, more focused on Samsung’s strategy, using statistical many sophisticated research techniques including statistical analysis, various business modeling approaches and DSM or Design Structure Matrix and Game theory perspective. Here we tried to provide a new insights and different opinions of smartphone industry evolution. As a result of our research we concluded that Android OS has tendency to dominate the market and some of the closed platforms will be doomed and whole industry is tending to evolve into open source.
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